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Storm Trade throughout the decades

  • 70’s

    Distributed the very first coin counters from Roulomat France and the Italian portable machines from TopIMEag


  • 80’s

    Successfully sold the first Banknote counters with 3-size detection from Brandt USA to the Czech Republic


  • 90’s

    Developing the brand name CatCoin used for a complete line of desk top cash handling devices such as Banknote counters, Coin counters, Coin sorters and counterfeit detection, highlight was the very first portable coin sorter for 8 euro coins named CatCoin MMII. 

  • Banknote counter

  • Counterfeit

  • CatCoin 101 coin

  • CatCoin MMII

  • CatCoin token

  • HandyCoin 4000

    • 00’s

      As a Suzo BV team member Erik was part of the team that developed the revolutionary Arcade Changer, a cash exchange machine affordable for all markets.


    • 00’s

      Part of the Hess Germany development team to introduce a Casino redemption Terminal branded Scorpion to handle smartcards and tickets.

      Also heading the global sales of “cash to cash” foreign currency exchange devices installed at several airports around the world.


    • 10’s

      Initiated the Hess export opportunities in Brazil and was responsible for the start of Hess Latam with an office and manufacturing partners in Sao Paolo, targeting on self-service equipment for banks and other financial institutions.

    • 10’s

      Successfully Lead the acquisition of the Hess casino line of products to the new Dutch company Cash Support BV.

    • 10’s

      Joined Cash Support BV to develop the best casino terminals money can buy, the CTM-ONE has proven to be so. Our flexible approach and easy configurable terminals allows us to serve the global gaming industries with custom made solutions. Next to that our customers praise the 24/7 support we offer and therefore our motto is: “Uptime is the name of OUR game!”.



    • 10’s

      Storm Trade partnered up with Ray Gouveia after many years of coöperation on the South African markets and Ray founded the company Gaming Parts cc.

      Nowadays Gaming Parts is the exclusive agent for Cash Support in South Africa and successfully selling the CTM line of products and our support partner for several countries like Vietnam and Monaco.

    Logo Gaming Parts

    • 10’s

      Export consultancy project for Procoin GmbH Germany for desktop cash handling equipment. Setting up a distribution network and work with existing partners.

    • 10’s

      Export consultancy project for Sprintquip Australia/ Banking Automation UK. New business development for “state of the art” self-service banking machines such as Coin roll dispensers and Seal bag safes.

    CEM Lobby

    • 20’s

      In 2020 we have developed the RTM-ONE, a self-service device based on the CTM Casino machine series but re-designed for the metal scrap recycling industry. The RTM-ONE is identical to the CTM-ONE hardware wise (see pictures above), but with new developed software for this specific market.

    • ……. many more new products to follow